E COMME ENTRETIEN – Leslie Bornstein.

A propos de  Terra Pesada

Sur le film lire M COMME MOZAMBIQUE https://dicodoc.blog/2019/11/21/7441/

Quels sont les événements les plus marquants de votre biographie.

What are the most important events in your biography?

« Terra Pesada » is my first film ( I sent you my bio ). I had been a journalist. Then I went to film school.  I had been sick for 10 years. Within days of starting the antiviral Nexavir (thanked in the credits), I recognized myself immediately. I contacted friends and told them I wanted to travel.  I had very little money. A friend who was working in Mozambique for the Danish government said I could have my own bedroom and bath and stay as long as I liked. (That changed after I started bringing the metal kids to her house. From then on I always rented my own apartment.)

Avez-vous des liens particuliers avec le Mozambique ?

Do you have special links with Mozambique?

 I wanted to hear some music I liked, so I went looking for metal. I saw a flyer that said « Evil Angels » written in metal’s universal typeface, and nothing could keep me away. The show was in a « zone » (banlieu) of Maputo. As it says in the film, « As soon as I walked into the club, I knew I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life there. » Not only were they talented musicians, they were playing original music, not covers. After the show I asked if I could hang out with them and follow them around with a camera. I filmed them over two and a half years during four trips to Mozambique of between two and three months each. (I spent another 5 weeks there this summer when I premiered the film in Maputo.)

My connection to Mozambique is the kids. We talk almost daily, usually on whatsapp, but also chat, Skype, phone. (If Trump is reelected, I will consider moving to Mozambique.)

Que signifie le titre de votre film, Terra Pesada ?

What does the title of your movie mean, Terra Pesada ?

« Terra Pesada » literally means heavy land, but is also slang for « hard life. » A friend who was born in Portugal, and is still fluent, suggested the title, when I needed a title quickly for an application for sponsorship. The kids wanted something in English, and brutal and metal, but since the film is in Portuguese, I wanted a Portuguese title. We’ve all gotten used to it.

Quelles ont été les conditions de tournage ?

What were the shooting conditions?

The film accurately portrays the shooting conditions. I shot alone, which I why the film is so intimate and why the kids and I were able to establish such comfortable relationships. Beginning with the second trip I brought a second complete camera setup for them to use during rehearsals and shows. If I’m in the footage, one of the kids is using one of my cameras. When I got back to New York after the first trip, I had emails from both Frankie and Stino asking if they could be my assistants when I came back. Mozambique is not a friendly place to shoot. You never see tourists on the streets with cameras. It was never comfortable when I would go on my own to shoot. I had a press pass, but it didn’t stop the harassment. But with the kids we could shoot even where people didn’t want us to shoot. They were always able to convince the authorities that they were musicians and that I was making a documentary on them. For instance a CNN crew was arrested for shooting at the outdoor market where I shot Stino and Xambruka buying clothes for a concert.

Quels sont vos projets actuels ?

What are your current projects?

I have several film projects in mind, but my total focus at this time is getting « Terra Pesada » seen. These kids deserve an audience. I am continuing to apply to festivals and will soon begin looking for worldwide distribution.

La biographie de Leslie Bornstein :

Leslie S. Bornstein is a New York–based filmmaker. On her first trip to Africa, in 1972, she met soldiers with Frelimo, the Mozambique Liberation Front, at the Pan African Women’s Conference in Tanzania, which sparked her interest in Mozambique and its terrible history. Later she began a long career in publishing and journalism, most of it at Time Inc. magazines. During Iran-Contra, Leslie was the “Sports Illustrated” Latin American correspondent, based in Managua, Nicaragua (“While War Rages, Baseball Remains the National Passion in Nicaragua”; “The Reluctant Author Tries Hang Gliding in Guatemala”), while stringing for NBC Radio.

She earned a certificate in film production in 2002 from NYU-SCPS. [Education: St. John’s College (the Great Books school), class of ’68; University of Massachusetts, graduate work in East African studies; NYU and City College of New York, Swahili and Swahili literature; working relationship with Portuguese, Spanish, French, scientific Russian, classical Greek.] Since 2000 she has worked as on-camera talent in commercial and print advertising. “Terra Pesada” has fiscal sponsorship from the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) and won a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).

Par jean pierre Carrier

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